ClickCraft - Pocket Mining

This app will turn your phone into a pickaxe. Start mining!

Make Believe.

Cycle through 5 different tools (pickaxe, axe, shovel, hoe, and sword) complete with authentic game sound effects and accelerometer (shaking) support.

Simulate Your Senses

You will be surprised by how much time you spend playing this game. Your enjoyment is our number one priority.

Block Selection

Choose the block you want to mine for each tool and keep count of your block inventory.

Tool Upgrade

Upgrade your tools to earn more resources per tap. Start with a standard wooden tool, then move all the way up to a legendary tool.


Use strategic upgrades to mine resources without needing to tap or shake your phone! The game collects the resources for you automatically.

More Powerups

Take it to the next level. Buy advanced upgrades and reap the lucrative benefits!

Ready to Play?Turn your phone into a sword! Download Now

Mine Clicker

Mine as many gems as you can!

300 Total Upgrades

Upgrade tools and auto-clickers for added benefits

34 Achievements

Complete actionable missions for gold bars

22 Unlockables

Play as Cookie, Mustache, Teddy Bear, and more!

Fun and Addictive

Just tap on the screen to mine minerals

Artfully Designed

Every color, sound, and animation was carefully curated to give you a delightful experience

Game Center Enabled

Compete against players around the world. Share your high scores on Facebook and Twitter

Intrigued?Start playing this game for free... today! Download Now

After Dark - Scary Stories

Read incredible, nail-biting scary stories complete with suspense and cliff-hangers guaranteed to keep you reading until the very end.

Love Frights?You'll love this app! Download Now

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